About Us

Hi there, we’re the Porter/Ward family, and we’re happy you’re here! We run and operate our family-owned sparkling hop water business, PNW Hop Water, out of the beautiful city of Spokane, in Eastern Washington.



During the height of the pandemic, we found we were drinking a bit too many beers and were tired of drinking unsatisfying seltzers to fill the void.  While some of us were looking to drink less, others were looking for satisfying gluten-free offerings. 

When co-founder, Jerry, discovered hop water he started brewing his own.  We knew immediately he was on to something special and unique. After trying over 50 different recipes, and we landed on the original Hoppy flavor, using hops from Yakima Valley farms just a few hours from Spokane.

Understanding that not everyone loves hops as much as we do, we started experimenting with additional flavors using organic extracts. We found the citrusy tastes of Grapefruit, Tangerine and Yuzu paired perfectly with our hop blend.

We started selling our beverages over the summer of 2022, at a weekly local Farmers Market, and the business has taken off from there! You can now find us at a handful of specialty stores and grocery locations in Spokane, and Seattle.

We’ve found there has been a real need for a beverage that is refreshing, and has the essence of craft beers, while still being approachable. Crack open a cold can to enjoy on it’s own, or mix into a refreshing cocktail or mocktail! Along with being intentionally gluten free, it also just so happens to be free of alcohol, sugar, calories, carbs, and is vegan. 

We hope you enjoy our hop water as much as we do, and from our family to yours, cheers!

Jerry, Gerda, Shani, Anthony, Brandt, Kristina, Brian, Carrie, Brock, Ellen and Sheila