we are a family-owned company that produces sparkling mineral water infused with hops and organic fruit extracts

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Canned Locally, By Hand

Hi there, we’re the Porter/Ward family, and we’re happy you’re here! We run and operate our family-owned sparkling hop water business, PNW Hop Water, out of the beautiful city of Spokane, in Eastern Washington. Operating out of one of our homes, in a certified commercial kitchen, we brew, can, and label everything by hand. It is important to us to use organic and local resources when possible. We are proud to brew with Yakima Valley Hops.

"PNW Hop Water has provided our cafe the variety of beverages it needs. We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to support a local business that consumers love."

-Ashley Sadaoui, Owner - Crepe Cafe Sisters

  • Over 8K Cans Sold

    We can our sparkling hop water by hand in Spokane, as a family.

  • 800+ Orders

    Join the hundreds of people that have already enjoyed our product!

  • 200% Growth

    We are on pace to more than double our business in just our second year.